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When an entrepreneur has a vision, builds a business and then becomes so successful they have to hire their first employee, we want to be there to take the reins.   We never want a business owner to lose their passion for what they built and what drove them to begin their business in the first place, especially because of the difficulties of payroll, taxes, insurance and labor laws.  CSL’s purpose is to handle these burdens for business owners so they can thrive within their own vision and purpose. It’s a beautiful thing.

We are all about solutions. Preventing problems from occurring and resolving them when they do. We are so solution oriented that we put it in the name of our business, “CSL Solutions”.

We personally know each and every one of our clients. We build relationships with employers and managers and understand how they want things done. Then, we implement our turn-key customized payroll and HR Services that reflect our clients wants and needs, keeping them safe from liability and in compliance with California labor laws.