What Qualities Separate A Great Payroll Agency From The Rest?

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Up to now we’ve learned how small business owners benefit from hiring a payroll agency; why payroll services are needed in the first place. Let’s explore what qualities you should expect from a great payroll agency.

Customer Service is King! Word-of-mouth is advertising money can’t buy. At the same time, bad reviews from customers can break a business. Before you waste valuable time visiting payroll service providers, contact several of their clients for references.

First Impressions are Key! Visit several payroll services and inquire about their operating standards. Are they in a nice location with a pleasing office front? A one person business operating out of a garage may not have the equipment to handle your payroll needs.

Scope out Staff and Longevity! How long have they been in the payroll services business? Among the most attractive features a great payroll provider can offer is a dedicated staff person to work on behalf of your company.

Do they stand behind their promise of timely and accurate service? What is their error ratio? How do they resolve payroll errors? Are they responsible for fines incurred due to a payroll services error?

Money isn’t everything, but it counts! Be mindful upfront pricing may not include additional services. Look for surprises down the line, included in “small print”. Before you sign the bottom line, it makes good business sense for your company attorney to scrutinize the contract.

Is real-time online capability available? You and your key employees should have the provision to pull-up payroll and reporting anytime, anywhere. The payroll agency maintains your employee records, but you should be able to reference them quickly.

Quality, quality, quality! Quality assurance is the crème de la crème. If the determining factor is cost vs. quality, the quality payroll agency should win every time.

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