CSL Solutions

Workers' Compensation & Government Compliance

We provide some of the best workers’ compensation plan coverage on the market, at a lower rate than small businesses can obtain on their own.

While we offer the absolute best worker’s compensation coverage at a great rate, our goal is to prevent your employees from ever having to take advantage of it.

​Healthy, productive employees mean a healthy and successful business. That’s why we conduct safety reviews, provide OSHA compliance and Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) manuals, and offer liability training for management personnel.

Covering the cost of workers’ compensation insurance can be expensive, especially for businesses that operate in more physically demanding industries. When you’re a small business with 5, 10, or 20 employees, it’s extremely difficult to negotiate reasonable premiums with insurance carriers.

​That’s why one of the most important services CSL Solutions has to offer is our workers’ compensation plan coverage. We provide coverage to several hundred employees through an A+ rated carrier.

Because we have such a large volume of employees to cover, we are able to secure volume discount pricing, with rates up to 25 percent lower than those charged to small independent companies. In addition, we manage worker’s compensation claims. This saves you thousands of dollars every year, allowing you to direct your company’s capital towards buying equipment and hiring the employees you need.

​But our worker’s compensation coverage is just the beginning.

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